Complete Media Hair and Makeup Course

The Complete Media Hair and Makeup Course is designed to provide students with everything they need to know to become a professional media hair and makeup artist.    The end of course assessment requires students to complete 5 different “looks” showcasing their media make-up abilities:

  • Old age – adding the years to a young face
  • Daytime TV look
  • Facial hair
  • Special FX – cuts, bruises and scrapes
  • Fashion editorial makeup

The “Complete Media Makeup and Hair” training course 2014-15 is open for enrollment now.  More details at the bottom of this post!

Class of 2014

Many thanks to Radley Mason, who captured the assessment day perfectly with his video.

Students also built up their professional profile photographs on the day.  We’ll be adding some of the photos to the Centre Stage Makeup Studio gallery soon!

Centre Stage Makeup Studio Students

Students all passed their assessment day with very good marks. Most Centre Stage students are already working in the media, but there is always ongoing work to be done to get all out there and known in the industry. Training at Centre Stage Media Makeup and Hair Training Studio is then and only then, truly completed!

What are the Class of 2014 Students Doing?

Class 2014 Centre Stage Makeup Studio, Blackboys, nr Uckfield, East Sussex

Centre Stage Makeup Studio, Blackboys, nr Uckfield, East Sussex. Photos from assessment day coming soon!

Holly Lindfield is currently working on bridal makeup and hair, and in media filming/photographic/theatre and video as a makeup artist.

Sarah Packer is currently working on beauty makeup with own her own business providing bridal makeup and hair. Also photography/film makeup artist.

Lauren Saunders is currently working in a range of media – photography, fashion and film alongside bridal make up and hair.

Clare Osborne is also working on bridal makeup and hair and fashion shoots, film and photography makeup.

Bryanna-Angel Allen currently working in Flim and about  to start a business concentrating on vintage looks and professional portfolios.

Chloe Thomsett is starting a business that will specialise in adventurous fashion makeup and hair as well as professional media based portfolios

Megan Alice Smith is looking for work in Theatre and has this in progress.

Molly Boorer is looking for work in the fashion industry and is seeking freelance work with Top Shop and other fashion houses.

The Complete Media Makeup and Hair Course 2014/15

Enrollment is open now for the “Complete Course” starting October 2014.  We train at our makeup studios in Brownings Farm, Blackboys near Uckfield, East Sussex.

October, November, December – Module 1 – Hair work, modern and vintage. Wigs, facial hair,
cleaning, blocking, dressing.  Some makeup training is included in module 1.

January, February, March, April – Module 2 – Making the best of the face for TV, film, video and photography including vintage and modern make-up.

May, June, July – Module 3 – Special effects, casting and prosthetics.

Experienced makeup artists may take modules individually as a refresher or top-up training.  The full “Complete Media Makeup and Hair course” lasts 8 months and includes:

  • Build a working portfolio, with professional images
  • CV, business cards and job seeking assistance
  • Discount professional hair and makeup kit
  • Studio etiquette training
  • Industry contacts

Contact Judy Neame for details and enrollment.