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Media Hair and Makeup Gallery

This latest gallery displays students work who completed the Centre Stage Studio, Complete Media Makeup and Hair Diploma.   Students create their portfolio as part of the complete makeup and hair course, .

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Course Assessment Day August 2016

Students are required to create several hair and makeup looks to demonstrate to the independent course assessor the skills learned over the 10-month course. These are:

  • Old Age
  • Daytime TV
  • Evening makeup
  • Makeup sfx – cuts and bruises
  • Fashion Editorial hair and makeup

This year’s editorial makeup briefs were Tribal/Futuristic/Summer/Peacock/Sea Alien

Complete Media Makeup and Hair Course Student assessment day 2016 photos. Centre Stage Makeup Studio, East Sussex

Class of 2015/16 makeup and hair by:

Hannah Alderson, Sienna Antonia, Rhi Arundale, Michelle Booth, Maya Rose.

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Class of 2014/2015, makeup and hair by:

Sascha Cooper, Emma Freeman, Beth Mastun, Amelia Rose, Lydia Visick, Emily Walker.

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Class of 2013/2014, makeup and hair by:

Bryanna-Angel Allen, Chloe Thomsett, Clare Osborne, Holly Lindfield, Lauren Saunders, Megan Alice Smith, Molly Boorer, Sarah Packer.

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Class of 2012/2013, makeup and hair by:

Megan Mckintosh, Jasmin Layne, Rosi Moss, Martine Farrant, Ellie Nightingale, Helena Gibbs

Photography by Krysalis Photography

Class of 2011/2012, makeup and hair by:

Elina Michael, Georgia Kent, Lucy Chloe Jordon, Abigail Robinson, Janet Cole, Georgina Wells, Alexandra Davies, Rosi Westwood.

Class of 2010/2011, makeup and hair by:

Dominique Royden, Elloise Willet, Laura Jones, Lucy Field, Natalie Smith, Olivia Delahunty, Rachel Tucknott, Wendy Field